Your iPad model number corresponds to a 2013 iPad Air 1st generation.

Your iPad Air 1 cannot upgrade/update beyond any version of iOS 12, currently at iOS 12.5.4.

The 2013 iPad Air 1, iPad Mini 2 and 2014 iPad Mini 3 cannot upgrade beyond any version of iOS 12.


These iPad models have overall internal hardware that is too old, too underpowered and incapable of running all of the new, advanced and internal hardware resource intensive features of iPadOS.

These iPad models are now 7 and 8-years old, in 2021.


Third party app support, typically, continues for 2-3 years AFTER Apple ends full support of a subset of their devices.

The last major update to iOS 12 was in 2019, with iOS 12.3.

So, it has been nearly two years after, already, and third party app support is already on a downward trend for all iOS 12 supported devices.

Look for many more third party apps dropping support for all iOS 12 supported devices as another year progresses.


There is one last thing you can try/attempt, if you need older versions of apps.

If you own another much newer iOS device that can run iOS/iPadOS 13 and later, you can install the most recent version app/s onto that more recent iOS device.

Then go back to your older iPad, open the iOS App Store, go to the Purchases section of the store app, search for the app/s you wish to try and download to that older iPad and see if an older version of the app is allowed to be downloaded/installed to that older iPad.

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These newer iOS/iPadOS devices must use your same Apple ID user account and password.

Failing that OR IF NO joy, then there is nothing more to be done.

It’s 2021, now.

If you need/want an iPad with an up to date iPadOS with access to current, updated apps, then you really need to seriously consider a purchase of a new iPad model OR a much, MUCH “newer” and less expensive, refurbished or used iPad models, from better known, trusted sources, like other Apple product/device retailers/resellers, some locally or from online, on the Web/Internet, capable of running the latest iPadOS versions.

There are PLENTY of newer, older iPad models that can run the latest, current versions of iPadOS.

If you need OR ONLY able to purchase older, less expensive iPad models, look at older IPads from 2014 and later.

All of these older model iPads below CAN run the latest iPadOS versions and the up and coming iPadOS 15.

2014, 9,7 inch screen iPad Air 2 models

2015, 7.9 inch screen iPad Mini 4 models

2015-2017, 12.9 inch screen iPad Pro models. ( 1st gen Pencil support )

2016, 9.7 inch screen iPad Pro models ( 1st gen Pencil support )

2017, 10.5 inch screen iPad Pro models ( 1st gen Pencil support )

2017, 9.7 inch screen iPad 5th gen models

2018, 9.7 inch screen iPad 6th gen models ( 1st gen Pencil support )

2019, 10.2 inch screen iPad 7th gen models ( 1st gen Pencil support )

2020, 10.2 inch screen iPad 8th gen models. ( 1st gen Pencil support )

Get the largest internal data storage model you can afford as NO Apple iOS device has expandable storage.

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I am sorry that you had to learn all of this, but this does not change any of the facts regarding these older iOS devices.

Sorry & Best of Luck to You!