WiFi Chua is an application that is extremely suitable for connecting to wifi networks that I do not know what the password is. Because of its ability to provide free access to more than 2 million points across the country. That is possible thanks to the network sharing feature integrated directly in the software.

About WiFi Chua app

To be able to connect to the wifi network you need to know the correct password. But it’s not that simple when it’s not a place that I often go to.

WiFi Chua

When WiFi Chua was first launched, it was mistakenly thought that it could use an algorithm to crack and access wifi. But the way this tool works is to store information about the places that have been connected and then share it with all other users.

Therefore, users can easily share the wifi password that they have captured. From there, accessing the network becomes much simpler without having to ask. Currently, the user community of this tool is increasing day by day, making connectivity more convenient.

Outstanding features of WiFi Chua application

For detailed information about the most outstanding features of this application, please follow the following section:

Easily connect over 2 million wifi hotspots

This application will continuously update information about wifi passwords across the country and then store it on the cloud system. When the device is connected to the network data will be downloaded automatically. Therefore, users can connect to millions of different access locations without knowing the password.

Easily connect over 2 million wifi hotspots

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Save 3G

As it is well known that WiFi Chua has the ability to connect to many different wifi networks extremely simply without knowing the password. So users will save a large amount of high-speed 3G capacity.

Share passwords for the community to help connect quickly

Users can contribute a part of their efforts when sharing passwords for the community to know. From there, the ability to connect is expanded like never before with just a few simple steps.

Password data will be encrypted

When receiving information about the password, the system will automatically record and encrypt it to ensure that it is not exposed. When using, you also cannot know the exact password of the wifi you just connected because the application will automatically do it.

Password data will be encrypted

Download now WiFi Chua app for Android/IOS

This is an application that can help mobile devices connect to nearby wifi sets. Especially useful for those who need to move back and forth in many different locations as well as areas with poor mobile signal. The MODRADAR website also provides other useful tools such as VMOS PRO and X-VPN.

Some Questions Answered – WiFi Chua App FAQs

To help users not encounter difficulties when using this software, MODRADAR will answer frequently asked questions in detail as follows:

Why do I need to connect to wifi when I want to share my password?

This is a must for anyone to do to ensure the most accurate for the next users to be able to connect. Because there are many users using this feature to spam a series of wrong passwords, making the experience not so good when entering any wifi can not connect.

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Why did I enter the password but the device said it could not connect?

This is an extremely easy case to encounter when using this software. It is possible that the password was completely correct before, but it has been changed recently, leading to the inability to connect. The best way is that you should ask the wifi owner to connect and share on the application so that many others can access it.

Why can’t find the wifi password of the surrounding area?

This is completely normal when the nearby wifi has not been shared by anyone, so it cannot be found. Therefore, connecting to that network is impossible. To increase the number and accessibility of users, go to as many networks as possible.

WiFi Chua is the most suitable application for those who often move to many different locations to work. Because the feature of automatically connecting to the nearest shared wifi network saves a lot of time.